Vault Architecture

The Vault architecture system behind SPICE Vaults consists of two different types:

  1. Base Vaults

  2. Aggregator Vaults

Aggregator Vaults route funds to one or more Base Vaults, while Base Vaults route funds to one or more external NFT lending marketplaces.

Users are only able to deposit into Aggregator Vaults.

Base Vaults

Each Base Vault runs its own lending strategy across one or more NFT lending marketplaces.

Base Vaults effectively act as “pools” within which Aggregator Vaults can deposit funds to gain access to P2P NFT loans.

The Flagship and Prologue Vaults route capital to the same Base Vault, which runs a medium-risk P2P lending strategy across NFTfi, Arcade, and X2Y2.

Aggregator Vaults

Aggregator Vaults integrate Base Vaults and P2Pool NFT lending marketplaces, allowing users to gain exposure to potentially many P2P strategies and diversified yield.

SPICE has released two Aggregator Vaults so far: the Prologue Vault and the Flagship Vault. Both of these vaults deploy the same lending strategy.

Aggregator Vault Integrations

  1. Base Vaults that run lending strategies across any combination of the following P2P NFT lending marketplaces:

    • NFTfi

    • Arcade

    • X2Y2

    • BLUR

  2. NFT lending pools across any of the following P2Pool NFT lending marketplaces:

    • BendDAO

    • DropsDAO

    • ParaSpace

    • MetaStreet

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