Vault Overview

SPICE vaults are a series of smart contracts that accepts a user's ETH and deploy it to maximize risk-adjusted yield by funding NFT-backed loans across various NFT lending marketplaces.

Each SPICE vault runs a different NFT-backed lending strategy.

SPICE Vault Benefits

When a user deposits ETH or WETH into the vaults, their funds will automatically start running the vault-specific lending strategy and earn yield.

With this structure:

  • Users instantly gain low-touch exposure to a diversified set of loans, NFT collections, and NFT lending marketplaces, with no extra planning or strategy.

    • This includes access to farmed tokens or potential airdrops delivered to the SPICE protocol through participation in many different early-stage platforms.

  • Gas costs are minimized via socialization with all other vault depositors.

    • Instead of 3-4 transactions per week per user, the vault will do 3-4 transactions per week for all users at once. This makes the UX of using these SPICE Vaults extremely straightforward and keeps things relatively cheap for the protocol.

What vaults are available?

At this moment, there are four available vaults:

  1. Prologue Vault

  2. Leverage Vault

  3. Flagship Vault

  4. SP-BLUR Vault

SPICE will continuously add new vaults and strategies over time.

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