NFT Collection Selection

Whitelisted Collections

SPICE vaults allocate capital to the following NFT collections:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

  2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club

  3. Crypto Punks (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)


  5. Azuki

  6. DeGods

  7. Bored Ape Kennel Club

  8. Otherdeed

  9. Meebits

  10. Doodles

  11. Potatoz

  12. Squiggles

  13. Sandbox Land

  14. Pudgy Penguins

  15. Cool Cats

  16. BEANZ

  17. World Of Women

  18. rektguy

  19. Renga

  20. VeeFriends

  21. Valhalla

  22. DigiDaigaku

  23. FLUF

  24. Milady

  25. Remilio


  27. Moonbirds (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)

  28. Creepz

  29. Kanpai Pandas (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)

Collection Whitelisting Process

SPICE derives our selection from both quantitative (80%) and qualitative (20%) data points which produce a weighted score. A score closer to 100 shows a collection more likely to hold value and show lower risk to lenders and the protocol.

Quantitative Analysis

SPICE's ultimate goal is to limit the SPICE to the top collections which represent the most value to end users and limit risks to the Protocol. To focus exactly on value, SpiceDAO start with those NFT collections in the top 100 of USD transaction volume all-time. To control for more recent market conditions SpiceDAO likewise checks those against the top 100 of the past 30 days. We collected on-chain transaction data via as of June 15, 2023. And we evaluated each of these collections across the following criteria:

  1. Liquidity Risk (25%):

    • USD Sales Volume - All time; weight = 15%

    • USD Sales Volume - 30 days; weight = 10%

  2. Market Capitalization (25%):

    • Market Capitalization of Collection; weight = 20%

    • Number of Token Holders; weight = 5%

  3. Volatility Risk (20%):

    • Volatility in the Floor Price of the collection given the metrics below; weight = 20%

      • Daily Value at Risk (VaRVaR)

      • Daily ExpectedĀ Shortfall Expected \ Shortfallā€‹ or Conditional Value at Risk (cVaRcVaR)

Qualitative Analysis

SPICE also investigates project details that give insight into the quality of the collection. The framework is provided below:

Note: Though nominally a minority share of a collection's score, any material deficiencies can disqualify a collection from being lent against by the SPICE protocol.

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