Prologue NFT

What is the Prologue NFT?

The Prologue NFT collection is a series of 555 unique NFTs that represent the opening of an epic story with many chapters.

Each Prologue NFT is equal parts PFP and Financial NFT, with symbolism and utility tied closely to the SPICE protocol.

You can view the collection here:

More Than Just a PFP

Owning a Prologue NFT allows you to elevate your SPICE experience in three key ways:

  1. Grants Access to the Prologue Vault

    • To deposit into and withdraw from the Prologue Vault, you must hold at least one Prologue NFT in your wallet.

  2. Composable Prologue Vault Positions

    • Your Prologue NFT acts as a receipt token for the ETH you deposited into the Prologue Vault.

    • Note: This also means that if you sell your Prologue NFT, you are also selling the ETH deposit connected to your NFT.

  3. Prologue Leverage

    • Deposits in the Prologue Vault may be leveraged for boosted rewards.

    • Navigate to the โ€˜Leverageโ€™ section of the SPICE dApp and adjust the slider to your preferred leverage amount.

SPICE is always on the lookout for more ways to enrich the Prologue ownership experience. More rewards TBA ๐Ÿ‘€

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