Obtaining Leverage

To obtain leverage, you must satisfy these three requirements:

  1. Own a Prologue NFT

  2. Have deposited into the Prologue vault.

  3. Have the wallet containing the Prologue NFT and deposit connected to SPICE.

Navigate to the Leverage page of the SPICE protocol and click ‘Lever Up’.

You’ll then be shown a slider - slide it to the right and you can see your calculated leverage and Borrow APR populate in real time!

Your calculated Borrow APR will be determined by the Prologue Leverage vault utilization rate. See Leverage Vault for more details.

Your Prologue NFT will remain in escrow until you completely pay off your loan, whereby you will receive everything back. When your Prologue NFT is escrowed, SPICE will send you a receipt token with the same original art.

You can do anything you want with this receipt NFT - wear it loud and proud!

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