Minting & Prologue Playoffs


MINT DATE: JAN 30TH 2023 @ 12 PM EST / 5 PM UTC
The Prologue minting process is unique. Let us explain how it works.
The base mint cost is ~0.08 $ETH.
However, minters will have the option to mint at any price above base price (e.g., >= 0.08 $ETH).
The difference between the price you elect and the base mint price will be the size of the deposit you make into the Prologue Vault.
Once a "mint deposit" is made, the user is given a Prologue NFT as a RECEIPT TOKEN for their position.

Prologue Playoffs

The kick-off of the Prologue Playoff will happen on Jan 30th @ 12pm est / 5pm UTC.
At launch, the first 555 unique users who are able to deposit into the Prologue Vault will receive NFT receipt tokens.
If you are lucky enough to get the ball past the goalkeeper, you’ll have earned entry into the Prologue Playoff and our sleek new dashboard will appear.
Then, the game begins.
Here’s the game:
The Prologue Playoff is a week-long event wherein all minters will have the opportunity to climb the PFP rarity ladder by depositing more tokens into a Prologue Position than other players.
Spice will be taking 7 TOTAL SNAPSHOTS: one for each day of the Prologue Playoff @ 12 PM EST / 5 PM UTC.
The SUM of your Prologue Positions from those 7 snapshots will be your FINAL SCORE.
Your Prologue PFP will now be assigned based on your final score compared to others’ scores.
The LARGER your final score compared to your fellow players, the HIGHER THE CHANCE you are of being assigned a RARE Prologue PFP.
The assignment of your Prologue PFP to your NFT receipt token is FINAL. But, you may continue to deposit into your Prologue Position in perpetuity.