Appraisal Tools Aggregator

The Spice team has partnered with and gained API access to all of the available NFT pricing engines (including: NFTBank, Upshot, Spicyest, Nabu).
Every time Spice's NFT appraisal tool aggregator is called to evaluate the price of an NFT, Spice calls NFTBank, Upshot, Spicyest and Nabu’s APIs.
Spice's protocol automatically and algorithmically evaluates each of the aforementioned player’s ML models against a set of contemporary transaction data for the specified NFT collection. After error analysis, Spice's algorithms select the best performing ML model (e.g., the ML model that most accurately prices the NFTs against the real transaction data set) to predict the price of the NFT in question.
This aggregated appraisal system ensures that Spice’s NFT pricing data is always the best that the industry has to offer.